Mrs Teiti Bwenawa receives GAELF Travel Award
Mrs Teiti Bwenawa from Kiribati received the cumulative highest score and was awarded the travel grant to attend this year's ASTMH meeting in Philadelphia, USA. To read Mrs Bwenawa's story click here

7th GAELF Meeting

Provisional dates (17th-18th November 2012) have been set for the 7th GAELF meeting in Washington DC, USA.

Programme in Action



MDA in Samoa

Health workers begin to distribute drugs to church members, who have been encouraged to take part in MDA by the health education messages preached by their minister.

Health education in India

In the filariasis clinic in Pondicherry, India, a nurse addresses patients attending the clinic and hands out health education materials. Many patients cover up their lymphoedema because of the stigma associated with it.

Involving the community

In Kidomaya village, Kenya, a research team member addresses a small community gathering and informs them about all aspects of the disease

Managing lymphoedema

A patient in the Haiti programme practices good hygiene techniques, the best way to stop her lymphoedema from advancing.