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The 4th progress report of the London Declaration has just landed


WHO WASH-NTD Strategy 


WASH infographic 


Latest Global programme to eliminate lymphatic filariasis: progress report, 2014 released

Weekly epidemiological record, No. 38, 2015, 90, 489–504


NNN members sign up to the Abu Dhabi Declaration of Support for an SDG Global Indicator for NTDs




NTD targets must include morbidity

Kebede Deribe


Elimination of LF in the Gambia 

Rebollo et al 


The Burden of Mental Health in Lymphatic Filariasis
Thanh GN Ton et al

Uniting to Combat NTDs "Third progress report of the London Declaration: Country Leadership and Collaboration on NTDS"


Third WHO report on NTDs "Investing to overcome the global impact of NTDs"


A comprehensive assessment of lymphatic filariasis in Sri Lanka six years after cessation of mass drug administration

RU Rao et al